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Tri Flo Tech LLC. Has been a manufacturer of primary flow elements since 1984.

Currently, Tri Flo Tech manufacturers, designs, inspects and outsources 620 different flow elements. Tri Flo Tech is a manufacturer of primary flow elements such as Orifice Plates and Unions, Restriction Orifice Unions, Flanges, Venturi Tubes, Pitot Tubes, Flow Nozzles, HVAC Venturi Tubes, Manual and Automatic Balancing Valves, Cartridges, PT Plugs, HVAC Hoses, Flow Nozzles, Spool Pieces, Eductor, Ejectors, Wedge Meters and more.

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About Us

Your one-stop shop for Primary Flow elements, Pressure Vessels, HVAC Automatic and Manual Balancing valves since 1984. We are your source’s source.

Tri Flo Tech’s products are used in the Nuclear, Wastewater, HVAC, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Space, and Hydronic industries. We have served clients such as Korea Power Company, Plant Vogtle Nuclear Power plant, GA, Comanche Peak Nuclear power plant Texas, South Texas power plant by TU Electric, U.S. Dept. of Energy, NASA Space Center, Bettis Atomic Lab, Pusan Nuclear Power units 1 thru 8 Via G.E Electric for KPC Korea Power Company.Alstom Nuclear Power systems Via GE Electric Australia, Manshan Nuclear power plant unit 1 thru 4 via CPC Chinese Power Co. Toal S.A Oil Company France. Aramco Saudi Arabia, Bateman Engineering Israel for Turkmenistan Oil Refinery, Haifa Chemicals Israel, Dead Sea Bromine Israel, Bugey Nuclear Power Plant, France, Cattenom Nuclear Power Pla, France, Central EDF Nuclear Nogent-sur-Seine, France and more than 200 more nuclear power plants , Cogeneration , and refineries such as Phillips 66 Carson or Wilmington, California, El Paso Natural Gas Company & Chevron California.

Our Products & Services

A complete Primary flow element, HVAC valves and Pressure Vessel Code shop

Our engineering Department is capable of designing, troubleshooting, and enhancing economical and efficient flow meter packages to meet your specifications.

We stock Venturi tubes, Orifice plates and flanges, Restriction Orifice unions, and Pitot tubes ready for same-day delivery.

At Tri Flo Tech, quality control is not just a department, it is a core value. We manufacture and design our products per ASME, ANSI B31.1 and B31.3, ISO 5167, and Fluid Meters 6th Ed. Highly qualified ASME Pressure Vessel code certified welders are available.



Hydronic Cooling and Heating, HVAC Tools and Parts

Our Services include machining and welding, valve/material resourcing, fabrication, and inspection. Fabrication services include meter run assemblies, skid packages, and spool pieces. We provides variety of Pitot Tube and Spool Pieces.
determine flow or differential pressure
in Pitot Tubes

Testing Valves at an outsourcing facility

LIQUID Calculator

GAS Calculator

MASS Calculator

Valve Testing and Soldering Document
Installation Notice for Sweat Solder End Two-Piece Brass Valves

(1 pg.)

Single and Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings

(1 pg.)

Single and Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings Parts List

(1 pg.)

Meter Run Assembly

(2 pgs.)


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Tri Flo 26 Tech is a manufacturer of Primary Flow Elements, HVAC Automatic and Manual Balancing Valve based in Los Angeles Ca. We are your source's source.

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Service

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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