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Tri Flo Tech is a manufacturer of primary flow elements such as Orifice plate and unions, Restriction orifice unions, Flanges,Venturi tube, Pitot tube, Flow nozzles, HVAC venturi tubes, Manual and automatic balancing valves, cartridges, PT plugs, HVAC hoses, flow nozzles and spool pieces.

Tri Flo Tech is capable of welding and machining parts up to 126.00" in diameter and we hold the stamps available for PTC-6 or ANSI 31.1 and B31.3 NDT and welding procedures.

Tri Flo Tech orifice plates, RTJ plate holders, venturi or pitot tubes installed in a line create a pressure differential as the fluid flows through it. This differential pressure is measured by a differential pressure transmitter which converts it into an analogue or digital signal which can be processed to provide a display of the instantaneous rate of flow. The relationship between the rate of flow and the differential pressure produced is very well understood and is fully covered by comprehensive national standards.

Our HVAC automatic and manual balancing valves are designed to control the flow rate to very high accuracy and very small flow GPM increments.


We manufacture:

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