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Tri Flo Tech LLC. Has been a manufacturer of primary flow elements since 1984. Currently Tri Flo Tech manufactures, designs, inspects and out sources 620 different flow elements.

Tri Flo Tech’s products are used in the Nuclear, Wastewater, HVAC, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Space, and Hydronic industries. We have served clients such as Korea Power Company, Plant Vogtle Nuclear Power plant, GA, Comanche Peak Nuclear power plant Texas, South Texas power plant by TU Electric, U.S. Dept. of Energy, NASA Space Center, Bettis Atomic Lab, and General Electric Pusan Nuclear Power units 1 thru 8.

Our engineering Department is capable of designing, troubleshooting, and enhancing economical and efficient flow meter packages to meet your specifications.

We stock Venturi tubes, Orifice plates and flanges, Restriction Orifice unions, and Pitot tubes ready for same-day delivery.

At Tri Flo Tech, quality control is not just a department, it is a core value. We manufacture and design our products per ASME, ANSI B31.1 and B31.3, ISO 5167, and Fluid Meters 6th Ed. Highly qualified ASME Pressure Vessel code certified welders are available.


Where Quality is a policy - not just a department

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