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Tri Flo Tech designs and manufactures Sonic Nozzles, Venturi Flowmeters, ASME Flow Nozzles, and Cavitating Nozzles for measuring gas and liquid flow in piping systems. Our flowmeters are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other materials by request. With proper instrumentation, these flowmeters will provide accurate, repeatable, and dependable results. Tri Flo Tech flowmeters are designed in accordance with ASME and ISO standards.

Uncalibrated flowmeters include a theoretical performance curve similar to the calibrated performance curve but based on ideal theoretical performance data. Tri Flo Tech is capable of manucturing PTC-6 Flow nozzle meter run sections for measurement of steam in a turbine process. Tri Flo Tech can manufacture flange, weld in, Throat type as well as special flow nozzles.

Types and Features of Flow Nozzle

A flow nozzle is a device used for determining fluid flow rates when the fluid enters or exits a pipe via an orifice at high pressure and high temperature. It offers certain clear benefits over thin orifice plate. For example, flow nozzles allow for the flow of approximately 60 percent greater volume of fluid, as compared to orifice plates. The technique for measuring fluid flow rate is based on installation of the nozzle into the pipeline. In this article, we will take a look at some key features and types of flow nozzles.

General Features Flow Nozzles

Due to their complex mechanism, flow nozzles cost slightly higher that orifice plates. Here are some important things to know about their features.

  • They offer consistent accuracy over a longer period of time.
  • They usually come in rounded shapes, which enable them to provide better sweep through of particles in the flow stream.
  • They are erosion resistant and are easy to maintain.
  • They are ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications.
  • They can perform in a wide variety of applications, such as, water, steam, gas, air, and chemical substances.
  • They are usually manufactured in accordance with several world standards, such as, ASME MFC -3M, ISO � 5167, and BS -1042.

Types of Flow Nozzles

The following four types of flow nozzles are most commonly used in industrial applications.

  • Flanged type � These types of nozzles are commonly used for insertion between piping flanges. They come in two varieties, namely, plain type and tapped type. They can be ordered to be made in accordance with ISO 5167 and ASME specifications.

  • Holding ring type � They are usually designed to be installed in pipes without flanges. They avoid welding of dissimilar materials, because pins, ring, and pipe are of compatible materials. It would be best to avoid using these nozzles in sizes below 4�. Because, welding thin ring inside a small pipe would be quite difficult.

  • Weld-in type � These types of nozzles are commonly used in piping system for power plan installations. They are best for high temperature and high pressure applications, and are often used in pipe systems where flanges are not applicable.

  • Knock-pin type � They eliminate welding of dissimilar materials, just like holding ring types do. The only difference is that it is usually more difficult to assemble these nozzles nozzle from piping.

It is important to know about these things before selecting or placing an order of flow nozzles.

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