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The Tri Flo HVAC strainer is a combination isolation valve with union, Strainer and Pressure and temperature PT ports used as a part of manual and automatic balancing hose kit for HVAC coil packages. The strainer can be replaced be a plunger type automatic flow controlling cartridge which will change the unit to Tri A Flo which is automatic balancing HVAC valve designed to control and maintain the flow within +/-5% accuracy between 1-50 PSID differential pressure across the cartridge.

The Tri Flo Y body strainer accommodates variable piping and coil configurations and Tri Flo Tech cartridges can maintain the flow to decimal increments. Tri Flo Tech Manual and Automatic balancing valves can be manufactured in Brass, Stainless Steel, PVC, or any exotic material. Tri Flo Tech can supply accessories such as unions. Blow down drain valve, Pressure and Temperature PT plugs, Venturi tube, Pitot tube, Butterfly valve Air Vent, HVAC flex hoses and kit packages and Y strainer with the Stainless Steel stem and ball valve.

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