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Tri Flo Tech HVAC division stocks Automatic and manual balancing valves as well as wafer style Automatic valves with multiple cartridges sine 1996. Tri Flo Tech stocks Y body brass strainer and unions,Hoses, Pressure and Temperature PT plugs as well as other HVAC accessories.Tri Flo Tech can offer Kit packages and is looking for representatives for our products. Tri Flo Tech Manual balancing valves are low loss averaging style venturi valves designed for low pressure loss and high accuracy which is verified by independent flow labs.

Benefits of Using Automatic Balancing Valves in a Water System

When installing a water system for a heating or cooling unit, it is important to ensure a balance in its water flow distribution. This is exactly why the system requires a number of balancing valves. These valves help adjust the flow of water through all terminals in the system. The two major types of valves used for this purpose are manual balancing valves and automatic balancing valves. While each type of valve offers some benefits, it is up to you to determine which type might give you best results. It also depends on the nature and complexity of your water system. In general, it would be best to select automatic valves, as they offer some distinct advantages over manual valves.

Why Choose Automatic Balancing Valves

The advantages of using automatic balancing valves are varied. Here are five major benefits of using these valves.

  • More cost effective and less time consuming � Installing automatic valves is an easy and hassle-free process. In comparison, installing manual vales is a cumbersome process, as it requires checking exact pressure required at each unit manually. The process takes a lot of time. Moreover, automatic valves require less time and cost for maintenance. As such, they help you save a lot of time and money in the long run.

  • More Accuracy � Unlike manual balancing valves, automatic valves have the ability to adjust with changing water flow rates automatically. This helps achieve more accurate balance in the water flow distribution throughout the water system.

  • More Flexibility � Automatic balancing valves offers more flexibility than manual balancing valves. This is mainly because automatic valves can be adjusted to changing requirements more easily than manual valves.

  • Easier Maintenance � If you want to install manual valves in your water system, you need to install a valve at each terminal, pump, riser, and brancher. On contrary, installing one valve at each terminal would be enough in a water system employing automatic valves. Simply put, a water system with automatic vales requires installing a fewer number of valves. Not to mention, it would be easier to maintain a system that has less number of valves.

  • More stability � Manual balancing valves are susceptible to human errors. As such, poorly adjusted valves often cause sudden rise or fall of temperature in the room. In comparison, automatic valves offer more stability.

Simply put, using automatic balancing valves in your water system benefits you in many ways over manual balancing valves.

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