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Tri Flo Tech has been a manufacturer of wedge meters since 1986. Tri Flo Tech can manufacture wedge meters up to 126.0" in diameter. Wedge meters are minimally invasive, low-cost segmented wedge flow sensors. The Model W-10 segmented wedge element provides a simple and reliable restriction for sensing. Tri Flo Tech is specialized in ASME pressure vessel and specialized situations to custom craft wedge meters from Carbon steel,Stainless or any other exotic material such as tantalum and Hastelloy.

General Description:

In line sizes from 0.5� through 48�, the Wedge Type flow Meter is a differential producer design available in the Public Domain which, when utilized, is generally applied in air entrained liquid, particulate entrained, high viscosity or slurry type, most frequently described as difficult-to-meter line fluids.

Relatively low pipe Reynolds Numbers can be addressed with some accuracy and the discharge coefficient is stable through the application range. The basic system consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel into which a constriction �wedge� is fabricated thereby leaving an open segment of a known height. Pressure taps which receive the (extended or chemical tee, depending on design) sealed sensors on either side of the �wedge� provide the differential signal to the Flow Transmitter which is then related, by formula, to the rate of flow occurring through the open segment. Since no relationship of geometric similitude exists between designs of varying line sizes, No Manufacturer can reliably state a general accuracy, and 2 sigma coefficients is not applicable. All Tri Flo Tech Wedge Type flow meters are wet calibrated in the intended applications flow range in order to provide +/- 0.26% of coefficient accuracy for the calibrated range.

Material of Construction:
The Tri Flo Tech-Wedge type design can be produced using a wide variety of materials depending upon the particular demands of the application. Typical materials of selection are:

Hastelloy C Titanium Tantalum
Carbon Steel 316 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
Hastelloy Monel PVC (for Chlorine)

The Sealed Sensor assemblies are of 316 Stainless steel with armored capillary conduits containing various fill fluids depending on the intended service.

Design and Manufacturing Standards:

  • All materials are mill certified and of first quality
  • All applicable codes and standards are considered such as section 8 of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code as well as ASME B31.1 and 31.3 ASME fluid meters, MFC-3M-1985, ISO 5167, BS-7045, compliant
  • Designed for use with Raised Face, Flat Face, Weld End, Ring Joint or Van Stone Flanges of any flange rating of either U.S. or foreign standards

Recommended Installation Orientation:

A horizontal orientation of the flow element with impulse tap positioning between 45 to 90 degrees from vertical centerline of impulse tap component(s). This will allow free passage of secondary phase solids through the wedge segment region and prevents entrapment of air (gas).

Installation of a TFT-WE-10 Wedgemeter:

  1. This is a high quality flow meter! Handle with care during installation.
  2. If improperly installed, it must be reinstalled!
  3. If damaged, it must be replaced!
  4. Handle it from the outside ONLY!
  5. Do not damage the inside!
  6. Orient Pressure Taps Horizontally!
  7. Provide necessary clearances as deemed practical for the installation, inspection and maintenance!
  8. Tighten flange bolts according to typical industry flange assembly standards, adequate to prevent leakage from the connections.
  9. Tolerances should be within industry standards for these installation instructions.


The TFT-WE-10 is designed to measure full pipe, highly viscous, particulate laden flows. Typical applications include slurries, asphalt, chlorine, gas, steam or air entrained liquids.

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