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Tri Flo Tech has been a manufacturer of venturi flow tubes since 1984. Tri Flo Tech is specialized in ASME pressure vessel and specialized situations to custom craft venturi tubes from Carbon steel,Stainless or any other exotic material such as tantalum and Hastelloy. Tri Flo Tech can manufacture venturi tubes up to 126" in diameter and has capabilities of PP stamp, U Stamp and 100% NDT. Our venturi tubes have been tested by different independent Laboratories.Tri Flo is capable of delivery on hot rush bases.


Tri Flo Tech stocks venturi tubes from 1/2" to 12.0" and our HVAC division can assemble the HVAC manual balancing venturi tubes with our butterfly valves.

Things to Consider Before Placing an Order for Venturi Tubes

Venturi tube is a tube or pipe that comes with a narrowed center section and widened ends. It is used for measuring the flow of a fluid. When the fluid enters the tube, the narrow portion of the tube restricts it in order to increase its velocity and reduce its pressure. This increase in a fluid�s velocity caused by constriction is known as the Venturi effect, which is named after the famous the Italian physicist, Giovanni Battista Venturi.

Let�s take a real life example of the Venturi effect. If you walk through a narrow lane between two tall buildings, you will experience stronger winds than what you experience in the front or back side of the buildings. This is caused by the Venturi effect. The same effect is created with a Venturi tube in order to measure the flow of a fluid. These tubes are usually manufactured in accordance with requirements of customers. In this article, we will take a look at some important things that need to be considered before placing an order for these tubes.

How to Place an Order for Venturi Tubes

Different customers may require different types of Venturi Tubes in order to meet with their specific flow measurement performance requirements. As such, following are some important things to consider when placing an order for these tubes.

  • Energy efficiency � In general, Venturi Tubes provide lower permanent pressure loss than flow nozzles, orifice plates, and wedge meters. This makes these tubes more energy efficient and cost effective. Majority of these tubes are manufactured in compliance with ASME standards. Energy efficiency of these tubes should be taken into consideration when placing an order for these tubes.

  • Accuracy � Accuracy standards for these tubes have been specified by several standards organizations, such as, ASME and ISO. You need to place an order depending upon accuracy of measurement you require.

  • Application � It is also important to consider application versatility of these tubes when placing an order for them. Usually, these tubes can be used for a wide range for applications. However, it would be better if you can get them manufactured keeping in mind their applications.

  • Quality Control � You should place an order for these tubes from a manufacturing company that has a stringent quality control procedure in place. Some important things to consider include whether the company holds ASME Power Piping (PP), CRN, and CE certifications, whether they follow ASME standard weld procedures, whether they comply with ISO standards, and others.

Considering all these factors before placing an order of Venturi Tubes will surely help you to get the best results with these tubes.

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