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Tri Flo Tech Venturi Eductors have no moving parts - allowing for maintenance-free feeding of bulk solids. In applications involving fine, abrasive, or irregularly-shaped products.

Eductors and Jet Pumps are the most efficient way to pump or move many types of liquids and gases. There are literally hundreds of uses for eductors and jet pumps.

Tri Flo tech is a Manufacturer of condensate drain traps & air sealed chambers available in carbon steel, 304 & 316 stainless steel (with other materials available). Products are made in U.S.A and ready for fast delivery also bleed rings, spectacle blinds, orifice flanges and unions, restriction orifice unions and valve manifolds are available upon request. Tri Flo Tech is specialized in ASME pressure vessel and specialized situations to custom craft Jet pumps,eductor and ejectors from Carbon steel,Stainless or any other exotic material such as tantalum and Hastelloy.

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